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Added by Matteo Candeloro 4 months ago

Hello everyone, I ask you for help with a problem that I cannot solve. When an agent logs in, he selects the campaign and his phone registers correctly, but the phone on the right does not appear. When the agent logs in again with his phone, then this appears. In this case, however, the agent hears his own voice, as if there were 2 open conferences on the same phone. I also have another problem with the advanced campaign settings. I select the country, save the settings, but "united states" is always selected. Thank you in advance for your help, Matteo

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RE: Phone problem - Added by Wittie Manansala 4 months ago


Try to update to latest version

Let us know if you still encountering same issue.


RE: Phone problem - Added by Matteo Candeloro 3 months ago

Thanks a lot! I solved it with "git pull" and DB update.
Now, all numbers entered with the wrong country code have been stored in list 998. Is there a way to clear the list of all manually dialed numbers? Thanks

RE: Phone problem - Added by Jackie Alfonso 3 months ago

Hi Matteo,

Login to Mysql and from Asterisk database run delete from vicidial_list where list_id = '998';

thank you!

RE: Phone problem - Added by Matteo Candeloro 3 months ago

Thanks a lot! Now I have a DNS with public ip for example I uploaded my certificate to the local server and I modified the httpd.conf file to use port 8443. From the outside, when I access the link I regularly access the home page and log in as administrator. If I log in as an agent, on the right, the "login phone" button does not appear. If I open the Chrome debug console I get several 404 errors. What do you think is the problem?

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