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GOautodial Omni-channel Contact Center Suite

The GOautodial CE Application (also called "GOautodial app") is the next generation open source omni-channel web based contact center application.

Rewritten from ground up using the following standards and technologies:

Bootstrap 3

Major Features:

Multi-channel contact center application (voice and non-voice)
  1. Predictive dialer + Inbound IVR and ACD
  2. Ticketing system (under development)
  3. Live chat
  4. SMS (under development)
  5. Fax (under development)
  6. Email
  7. Social media (under development)

CRM type application
Responsive design supporting major web browsers
Modular API and plugin based system
Reports and analytics

Latest version:

Project Page:

ISO Installer Forum Discussion:


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Latest news

GOautodial Omni-channel Contact Center Suite: GOautodial v4 ISO Installer (Pre-Release) Now Available!
This is the initial GOautodial v4 ISO installer release. Featuring AppKonference (a high-performance Asterisk conferencing module replacing app_meetme) and webRTC. No more timer and DAHDI hardware dependencies..
Added by Demian Biscocho 6 months ago

GOautodial Omni-channel Contact Center Suite: GOautodial v4 (preview version) installation HOWTO
After almost 3 years of heavy development, GOautodial app version 4 is just around the corner. Here's the initial installation (from scratch):
Added by Demian Biscocho 7 months ago

GOautodial Omni-channel Contact Center Suite: v4.0 Github repo is now publicly available!
v4.0 Github repo now publicly available!
Added by Demian Biscocho 8 months ago

GOautodial Omni-channel Contact Center Suite: Online preview demo for GOautodial version 4!!!
Here's an online preview demo for our upcoming version 4.
Added by Demian Biscocho over 2 years ago

GOautodial Omni-channel Contact Center Suite: DID Logic and GOautodial CE Interoperability Guide
DID Logic has published a guide on how to setup your GOautodial CE system using their SIP trunks.
Added by Demian Biscocho almost 3 years ago

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