GOautodial is an open source web based call center system based on CentOS. It automatically installs the GOautodial applications (GOadmin, GOreports and GOagent), Vicidial, Mysql, PHP, Asterisk, Limesurvey and other open source software to have a fully functional call center system. An open source predictive dialer and inbound IVR + ACD system that rocks.

Major Features:
Outbound predictive and automatic dialing
Inbound IVR and ACD
Wizard based configurations
Integrated call recording
Scalable to hundreds of seats
USA, UK and Canada call compliance
VoIP trunks and standard Telco lines
Support for Sangoma and Digium cards
Open-Source GPLv2 licensed, with no software licensing cost

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Latest news

Online preview demo for GOautodial version 4!!!
Here's an online preview demo for our upcoming version 4.
Added by Demian Biscocho over 1 year ago

DID Logic and GOautodial CE Interoperability Guide
DID Logic has published a guide on how to setup your GOautodial CE system using their SIP trunks.
Added by Demian Biscocho almost 2 years ago

GOautodial Unified App Started
The first open source multi-channel contact center web application has been started by the GOautodial team. Called the "GOautodial app", a modern standards based web app that provides voice and non-voice contact center features.
Added by Demian Biscocho over 2 years ago

GOautodial CE Multi-Language Support(GoAdmin & GoAgent)
Added by Jerico James Milo about 3 years ago

GoAdmin CE Page Restriction Access Vulnerability
GoAdmin CE Page Restriction Access Vulnerability
Added by Jerico James Milo about 3 years ago

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