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Added by David Reedy 5 months ago

Hey everyone,

I have been trying to add another dialer and have had no success. I reported it as a bug but it got rejected and i was told to come to the forums. In the carrier section of goautodial each carrier is linked to a single asterisk dialer. But in vicidial if we want to use the same carrier over all dialers there is a selection of so that each dialer with asterisk gets that carrier. Well Goautodial doesn't have that function so i went to the database and manually set the carrier server to . This is were it gets a little weird the original asterisk has the carrier in it and the addition dialer i have made also has the carrier in that asterisk. When i test call no matter the load on the original server it never balances the calls to the 2nd dialer.

What is a confirmed dialer addition to a cluster? the ones that goautodial has for web and dialer for cluster are missing steps. and i have not seen a confirmed working cluster model with additional dialers.

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RE: adding another dialer - Added by David Reedy 5 months ago

Wittie Manansala wrote in RE: adding another dialer:


Hope this link may help:


Sorry no that didn't work. That is what i used originally and got nothing. it seems like there is no balanced dialing with the goatuodial system. Just weird that they have a selection for balanced dialing but no actual working info on it.

RE: adding another dialer - Added by Demian Lizandro Biscocho 4 months ago

I would recommend going over the Vicidial load balancing documentation in: /usr/src/goautodial/astguiclient/docs/LOAD_BALANCING.txt. This basically covers adding more dialers and the correct Perl script crontab entries for each dialer.

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