Caller ID Name Issue

Added by Muhammad Asif about 1 month ago

Hi Team,
Recently, I have installed goautodialV4(ISO) and facing the issue CallerID Name, it generating automated UID as caller ID name. I did update the dialplan to set callerID as callerID name, also in campaign callerID but still sending "UID: M1070014220000029299" as caller ID Name. somehow whenever i set in dialplan call gets connected but in agent, the screen showing Dead call also DTMF not working in any means.
In the other hand when I create a phone and set caller id as Name both works perfectly but in auto-dialing facing this issue kindly assist.

Also requested to the carrier to fix the carrier ID they said they simply passing the info which you set on your PBX.


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RE: Caller ID Name Issue - Added by Kristian Antiligando about 1 month ago


Ideally, this will depend on the VoIP provider if they are accepting CALLER NAME or just the basic CALLERID. It would be helpful if you can confirm this with your provider.


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