Lists and Time Zones

Added by Mark Fairchild almost 4 years ago


I am using GOautodial CE 3.0.

I have one list, with about 1000 names in it, which is functioning correctly, and another of about the same size that is not.

The correctly functioning list (#1004) shows correctly the listing of leads in the list sorted by time zone. It starts with GMT offset -4, showing the correct local time (New York City, DST). As a consequence, logging into the system at 9:30pm local time, it shows a reduced number of people available to dial, since the dialing time is set to 9a to 9p. So, only people in earlier time zones are available to be dialed.

BUT, when I use the other list (#1006), it shows the listing of leads sorted by time zone as starting with GMT offset -5, thereby incorrectly showing the local time as 8:30p (when in fact it is 9:30p).

How can one list be right, and the other be wrong? I've searched for some list-specific setting having to do with GMT or time zones, but I can't seem to find anything.

What am I missing?

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RE: Lists and Time Zones - Added by Tristan Kendrick Biscocho almost 4 years ago

Hi Mark,

What state is being dialed on list 1006? The Call Time settings are determined by the local time of the state you are calling. This is controlled by the area code of the phone number being dialed and not by the current time on your server. So Phone numbers on the central timezone will start to get dialed at 10am EST (if you are in New York) if your call time settings is set to 9a-9p.

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