Failed to authenticate on INVITE to

Added by fonzo de laia about 2 months ago

hi to all guys
I have read all over the forum, but I have not found an explanation for my problem, I do not know if it is related to the carrier or something wrong on my server, I am also attaching the screenshots.
I made the changes on forums and so on, I followed the Scratch installation with Update Latest Version, I put the carrier on port 5070, I also opened the firewall to everything, it gave me error ping can't send command "ping" to RTP proxy <udp: 5066> and I updated the (method = TLSv1 +). but when I log in I have problems, the ring does not start and neither does the voice that says that I am alone in this conference, but on the webrtc there are no errors on the page, when I go to log in to the campaign I get busy circuit, forbidden, now maybe it's my sip provider that doesn't accept on port 5070, i don't know. I am attaching the screenshots if anyone can help me will be very happy.
thank you in advance.

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RE: Failed to authenticate on INVITE to - Added by Kristian Antiligando about 2 months ago


Let me know if you did a fresh install or you used the ISO file?


RE: Failed to authenticate on INVITE to - Added by Demian Lizandro Biscocho about 2 months ago

Looks like you might need to download and compile RTPengine from sources. You can get it here:

As a side note, you can have RTPengine run on a different server.

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