Login_to_phone buttons not working

Added by Alexandre Marit 28 days ago

Hello, i have posted something here and i think i got a reply but i am unable to find the post again. I have installed goautodial 4.0 from scratch again and followed the instructions on this page :

Except that there is no mention of an ssl certification to be installed there. Now I have fuly configured the server and i have 10 people calling in outbound. I have 10 from another country wishing to log in and make calls. To access the server, they type in my public fixed ip address and on the router (Mikrotik) i have configured the NAT setting to redirect to my server internal IP. Basically the server is on and my public IP redirects to it. I installed Goautodial 2.0 and that worked for some time but since this is not supported for upgrade I decided to replace the 2.0 by the version 4.0. Now people outside my network are able to connect on the server (Login with username and password) but also register there SIP account on eyebeam or Zoiper but within the browser when they click on Login_to_phone button, nothing happens. THe phone doest ring also.

I have been asked to put SSL on the server but i am a bit lost here. Should I follow steps mentionned here :

I even searched what is an FDQN and i dont have one so my public IP is the only way to access my server.

Can anyone help please?

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RE: Login_to_phone buttons not working - Added by Wittie Manansala 22 days ago


Before installing SSL Certificate please make sure that your dialer is working in public IP first and if its working which means your able to make calls, the 2nd step is to install your SSL Certificate

Please provide the following for us to review your concern:

1. GoAdmin>Administration>Settings (Screenshot)
2. GoAdmin>Administration>GoWebRTC Dialer Settings (Screenshot)
3. nano /var/www/html/php/Config.php
4. nano /var/www/html/php/goCRMAPISettings.php
5. nano /etc/kamailio/kamailio.cfg
6. nano /etc/rtpengine/rtpengine.conf
7. Dialer link


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