Callbacks doesn't ring

Added by Maciej Bursztynowski 3 months ago


I've successfully installed GoAutoDial 4 from newest ISO and I got almost everything working.
Dialer works fine, predictive, manual dialing too.
Unfortunately one thing doesn't work - Callbacks.

If I call to my mobile phone and I end call with status Callback, then I select date for next call and I select "My callback only" it shows on Callback list correctly. But when I click on phone icon nothing happens in Asterisk. In agent gui I can see information on Dialer:

Calling: ()-
UID: M5032252020000000056
Waiting for ring... 28 seconds

I don't have dial signal, I don't see anything in Asterisk logs.

Can someone help me debug it? Where should I start looking for some logs?

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RE: Callbacks doesn't ring - Added by Jackie Alfonso 3 months ago


Pleas run core set verbose 30 on asterisk cli. then make some test calls again.

Thank you!

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