Connecting GAD to PSTN

Added by Hatem Sabrey over 2 years ago


kindly advise how to connect GAD v4 to the PSTN, i'm new in this discipline and i need to test the system.

the target to build a Call Center platform and provide it as a service.

we have no problem to request the professional service, but at least to test the platform then take the commercial decision.

many thanks

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RE: Connecting GAD to PSTN - Added by Guilherme Bizzani over 2 years ago

Hello, I'm not from the development team, but in my case I connected it to my own Asterisk's server using an IAX Trunk, then my asterisk server already have all the routes to the PSTN, don't know if that's your case thou.
If you don't have an Asterisk your own, I think the best solution is to get an online provider and integrate directly to them via SIP Trunk

RE: Connecting GAD to PSTN - Added by Wittie Manansala over 2 years ago


System structure are posted here

Since your PSTN is using asterisk you can integrate it by configuring SIP Trunks in Carrier Settings. The idea would we would be your PSTN asterisk would be your VOIP Gateway.


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