show iax2 peers MASK NULL

Added by Steve Turner over 4 years ago

I know this has been brought up before, but with the new ISO I wanted to test but have same results and not sure if is an issue or something that can be safely ignored.

Fresh install from ISO in VMware to test.

Upon final installation, with no changes made, an "iax2 show peers" shows mask (null) for all 3 AST connections. An asterisk reload or restart does not change this. However, if I create a new phone and change to IAX2, asterisk will reload and the mask changes to as normal. upon another reboot, asterisk again shows mask (null), and changing the phone to SIP or EXTERNAL causes the asterisk reload and once again the mask is

Now to go a step further, I have several Vicidial servers on Centos7 with Asterisk 11 (iax2 mask is always and upgraded one to Asterisk 13 and now has the same behavior of mask (null) as GoAutoDial4 with Asterisk 13.

For me, seems that something between Centos7 and Asterisk13 is broken, missing or misconfigured.

I am planning to build a large cluster and do not want issues with the servers communicating with each other.

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RE: show iax2 peers MASK NULL - Added by Demian Biscocho over 4 years ago

These can be safely ignored as long as their "Status" is OK. We haven't encountered any issues with these on our multi-server setups.

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