Feature? Goautodial Cluster Carriers

Added by Steve Turner 3 months ago

Building a cluster and testing all to be sure is all correct and functional. Found a bug and hopefully can be addressed.

In the CARRIER there is no option for ALL SERVERS or, so added a carrier for server1. Works fine, then swapped it to server2, and only server2 reloaded and added the carrier but server1 did not reload and remove the carrier. so now the carrier shows in both asterisk CLI sip show peers.

Now to remove the carrier from server1, I needed to go back to the Modify Carrier screen, change the IP to the server1 IP and deactivate. Now server1 reloaded and the carrier is gone, but is still active on server2. Then changed the IP to the server2 IP and submitted again, and server2 reloaded and removed the carrier.

Seems the system will only add or delete one at a time, and not actually move from one server to the other. So, this is a BUG. I can actually go into the system, and if i DO NOT disable the carrier BUT delete it, the carrier still shows active. BUG?

The ONLY way to make this work was to create duplicate carriers for each server, with identical Dial Prefix.
Would be helpful to add ALL SERVERS or to the Modify Carrier. FEATURE?

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RE: Feature? Goautodial Cluster Carriers - Added by Demian Lizandro Biscocho about 1 month ago

We'll probably have this in version 5. We have started the development and ETA is hopefully end of the year (2021). Version 4 is in feature freeze (unless it is paid development/customization).

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