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Added by Vinicius Juvinski almost 2 years ago


we are trying to use a hardware classification device and this is returning a sip code when a answering machine is detected - in this case 500 - Server internal error.
There is a way to map this code as answering machine ?

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RE: SIP status remap - Added by Wittie Manansala almost 2 years ago

Can you explain more what you want to achieve?

Basically if your dialer detected an answering machine it sip result should be 0 or answered call.

RE: SIP status remap - Added by Kirill Ragimov 4 months ago

Hi, I'm also interested in a similar question.
There is a handler that checks the call for a "smart answering machine" implemented by a loop
1) with GAD 4, the call is routed to the handler
2) the handler sends a call to the operator
3) the operator connects to the subscriber and transmits to the handler
4) The handler checks whether a live person or AI has answered, if a person has answered, returns the call to GAD4, in the opposite case, it sends a hang-up to GAD4 with the SIP code 501.

We on the GAD4 side would like to see these statuses in GAD4 in dial status, separate from NA AA B, etc.

RE: SIP status remap - Added by Wittie Manansala 3 months ago


I'm sorry, but can you please explain the 'handler' you're talking about? Is this an app installed on your server? By default, you can use the AMD (Answering Machine Detection) features of the dialer, but it only detects about 70% of answering machines. You can adjust these settings in the /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf file, specifically in the dial plan for 8369.

Thank you

RE: SIP status remap - Added by Kirill Ragimov 3 months ago

hello, due to the fact that more and more "smart voice secretaries" are beginning to come across, the built-in functionality has not become enough since these "smart secretaries" pose as a living person, we have found a solution based on a neural network that weeds out all such "protections". But when such a "smart answering machine" is detected in the first few seconds. it gives us the SIP code 501, and therefore the agent does not waste time on it. but I would like to somehow see a number of similar codes in the dial status

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