Dtmf codes for start / pause operator

Added by Oleg nnn 5 months ago

Good day!
Previously, we used our own development of dialer + Asterisk v.13.18.5
Our operators do not use a PC, but only a VOIP phone. To receive calls, the agent enters the Asterisk call queue (for example, * 45 queue number in Asterisk)
We are not able to use the agent’s personal account for start / pause, etc.
Are there any solutions with Goautodial and dtmf codes for start / pause operator?

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RE: Dtmf codes for start / pause operator - Added by Demian Lizandro Biscocho 5 months ago

You would need a web browser (Google Chrome via PC or mobile device) to use GOautodial. There's a pause/resume button once the agent is logged-in to the dialer/system. Softphone via webRTC is built-in so you won't need 3rd party softphones nor hard phones.

I recommend going over the v4 Goautodial_Getting_Started_Guidev4.

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