GOautodial Omni-channel Contact Center Suite: GOautodial updates posted!

Added by Demian Lizandro Biscocho almost 7 years ago

GOautodial-ce-3.0-1373083200 has been uploaded to our repository. Featuring improved inbound (call menus/IVR and DIDs/queue) related wizards. New widget designs and tonnes of bugfixes.

Here are some of the updates:

User group permissions
Streamlined widgets
Improved DIDs and call menu wizards
Vicidial updated to 2.7RC1
Improved lead and recording search funtions
Bugfixes and a lot more

Run "yum update" to download the updates and upgrade your GOautodial system.

GOautodial Omni-channel Contact Center Suite: GoAutoDial CE v3 RC 1 Released!!!

Added by Demian Lizandro Biscocho almost 7 years ago

The latest and greatest GoAutoDial CE v3 release candidate 1 is now available. In 64bit and 32bit flavors. Featuring the GOadmin, GOreports and GOagent applications. Download now!

Full graphical system installation:

Widget based dashboard (drag n drop):

Agent monitoring (listen-in/barge-in):

Graphical reports and analytics:

Wizards based configuration:

Intuitive and simple agent UI:

And a lot more! Download now!

md5sum: c4a7534fb4b6d7348d2c1b08b593f783

md5sum: b928425bdc16e5f99498adee0ea3269d

Please check existing bugs here: [[]]. If you encounter new bugs, please create a new issue (bug) here: [[]].

Users of GoAutoDial CE v2.1, here's how to upgrade to the latest version: HOWTO Upgrade GOautodial CE 2.1 to 3.0


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