How to upgrade to Vicidial 2.7 RC1 from Vicidial 2.4 RC2

1. Make sure to BACKUP your data first!!!

2. Check if you are running GOautodial CE 3.0 and your MySQL password is set to "vicidialnow".

# cat /etc/goautodial-release
GoAutoDial CE 3.0
Skip command below if your MySQL password is "vicidialnow" 

# mysqladmin password vicidialnow -p
Enter password:

3. Update system (this will automatically update Vicidial to the latest stable version 2.7RC1)

# yum -y update 

4. Check the version

# cat /usr/src/vicidial/version

5. Change your MySQL password to your original password

# mysqladmin -pvicidialnow password "originalpassword" (where "originalpassword" is your MySQL original password)

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