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Added by David Reedy 9 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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We are using custom forms for the campaigns that we are using in the goautodial. We have a problem with our reps/agents filling in the form so I was asked to lock it down some. So in the custom fields section of the list. I tried to use "Field Required" select of YES and was using "RADIO" selection as type. Under testing I was still able to dispo without filling in this select. So i tried type "DATE" and "TIME" and proceeded to test the agent screen to see if I could hang up the call and dispo. I did not fill in the required fields and nothing stopped me.


go_required_field_yes.JPG (48.3 KB) go_required_field_yes.JPG David Reedy, 11/03/2020 10:51 PM
agent_select.JPG (37.1 KB) agent_select.JPG David Reedy, 11/10/2020 10:42 PM

Updated by David Reedy 9 months ago

I have also looked at the database location of "vicidial_lists_fields" and the "field_required" selection for the entry is set to "Y"


Updated by David Reedy 9 months ago

I have dug a little deeper into this matter and tracked it down on the vicidial side of selection. There is a selection in the campaign setting called "Allow Required Fields" that is linked to the mysql table "vicidial_campaigns" key "allow_required_fields". With this selection on the required field will stop the caller from hanging up in manual dial and auto dial. There seems to be something that identifies that the selection hasn't been made on the agent screen and brings a notification out that the agent has to click to make a selection on the custom form screen.

So it would appear from my findings that the Required field selection in the custom form section of goautodial is a non function process at this time.

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