Custom Webforms to update fields on 3rd database.

Added by Jorge Antillón almost 2 years ago

Dear All,

My GoAutoDial 3.3 installed from ISO image works like a charm, to that end I am not desperate at least. However, we are looking for a way to add a custom web-form or method that upon receiving the Post-hangup feed from the agent, ie Disposition, comments, callback date and time, etc. inserts these new values into a 3rd party database, for instance Oracle to populate a proprietary CRM tool being used.

At this point I figured it cannot be THAT difficult nor that easy.
I've been looking for documentation on custom webforms and development manuals for all of this to no avail.

Could you please point me in the right direction?


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RE: Custom Webforms to update fields on 3rd database. - Added by Wittie Manansala over 1 year ago


Try to use the following features:

Web Form -
This is where you can set the custom web page that will be opened when the user clicks on the WEB FORM button. To customize the query string after the web form, simply begin the web form with VAR and then the URL that you want to use, replacing the variables with the variable names that you want to use --A--phone_number--B-- just like in the SCRIPTS tab section. If you want to use custom fields in a web form address, you need to add &CF_uses_custom_fields=Y as part of your URL.

Dispo Call URL - This web URL address is not seen by the agent, but it is called every time a call is dispositioned by an agent if it is populated. Uses the same variables as the web form fields and scripts. dispo and talk_time are the variables you can use to retrieve the agent-defined disposition for the call and the actual talk time in seconds of the call. This URL can NOT be a relative path. Default is blank.

Thank you

RE: Custom Webforms to update fields on 3rd database. - Added by Krishna Gopal over 1 year ago


I want to add new fields. For example The fileds i have is Name and surname and i want to add "Middle Name" as well.
Can you please advice.

Thank you.

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