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Added by Spravce Natural over 1 year ago

Hi, I created a translation of GO4 into the Czech language. I copied the lang/en_US file to lang/cs_CZ and created the translations in this new file. For the agents, I also copied and translated the file modules/GOagent/lang/en_US to modules/GOagent/lang/cs_CZ.

The GO4 administration and the section for agents are now in the selected Czech language. Did not translate the dispositions that are shown to the agent after the call is completed. The lang/cs_CZ file contains the "Default Dispositions" section, the items are translated there, but apparently not applied?
Is it possible to somehow translate the displayed dispositions to the agent?

dispositions.png (85.8 KB) dispositions.png dispositions

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RE: Help - translation default dispositions - Added by Nathaniel Cabanban over 1 year ago


This would require you to modify some lines of source code and utilize the LanguageHandler function and then conduct some test to know if it is possible to translate the displayed dispositions.


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