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Added by Pucci Bauer 29 days ago

I've set up a GoAutoDial Cluster, in this moment everything appears to be functional, i have one main dialer with kamailio and rtp engine, that manages all sip registrations, and the other dialers are in iax trunk ( with their private ip, i've setup a network with both public and private addresses ), and on top of it every dialer has a sip trunk to the main kamailio as reported to do in Cluster HOWTO, what i don't understand is if other dialers need or not public addresses for doing webrtc, there's no single webrtc option in all the servers, just one main webrtc, and also campaigns have setup per carrier, and carriers per single server, so it appears that the main dialer is a sort o proxy/gateway for all the calls , is it correct ? The most important question is: will it load balance calls with this configuration ? doing a few calls doesn't involve other dialers, but in this moment it works !!!
Thanks in advance

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RE: Clustering Information - Added by Demian Lizandro Biscocho 21 days ago

Clustering GOautodial is the same as clustering Vicidial (since GOautodial uses the same Vicidial Perl backend scripts). Great to hear you got it working!

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