A sincere plea for help on installation

Added by Shane Singh over 2 years ago

HI everyone,

I'm a new business and couldn't have chosen a worse possible time to start due to the financial climate. However, I've passed these hurdles and now being stamped down upon by the larger more experienced providers using vicidial. Due to this being a war on the open-source battlefield, I cannot compete with them using proprietary and I fear my days are numbered. Coming across this dialler, I saw the most vital piece of software that I could use to help compete against the others. But unfortunately, as hard as I tried over months picking up where I left off and following the few tutorials i found on this site and others, i could not get a working version deployed.

I see so many of you'll debating the bugs and ways to do things and here n i am wondering how did you'll even get to that point. Please, i need your help if you are one of those people. I have the utmost respect for you'll to have achieved this and hope this message finds its way to someone while theres still time.

The terms your assistance can be discussed further.

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RE: A sincere plea for help on installation - Added by Tristan Kendrick Biscocho over 2 years ago

Hi Shane,

Have you considered using our cloud service instead? You can check the price of our cloud packages at There are pros and cons to using the cloud over a premise-based dialer. If you have other questions or are interested in subscribing to our cloud service you can call our US hotline at 8773505288 or you can leave your skype ID here and I will get in touch with you.

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