How to configure IVR

Added by Vericar De Espiritu Santo 11 days ago

Hello to all, i have 3 week trying to config my GADV4 with IVR and i can't, i don't know what to do, i want that my system call automaticly with a recording, the customer say "yes", "no", and answers like that, and it make other stuff, like transfer the call, hang up, recicle the lead. But i can't find any documentation about it. Some one have any clue or something that can help me?

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RE: How to configure IVR - Added by Wittie Manansala 6 days ago


If you referring for voice interaction we dont have that feature. Maybe you can use Voice Broadcast or Press 1 Campaign Feature. This will call the leads in your campaign, play your customize audio and Customer can press DTMF 1 or 2 to route your call in your agents or specific DID or EXTENSION.


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