Version 3 vs. 4

Added by betz rac 6 months ago

Hi all,

Please excuse my questions as i am new to the goautodial...
I've recently received an existing running app of version 3 DBs, and trying to install the app on a linux server.
First, i have an error with the codeigniter where it tried to load the default class, but fails although it's there etc.
It isn't code issue as I was trying to set it to the Welcome controller class and it also failed.
If someone has a clue how to get it working PLEASE assist.

On the same note, I was trying to setup version 4 which went smoothly.
However, I removed it because I understand the DBs are completely different, so wonder what would be easier:
1. using version 3 with the current DBs.
2. migration all data to version 4.

Please advise.

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RE: Version 3 vs. 4 - Added by Demian Lizandro Biscocho 6 months ago

It's possible to migrate your version 3 data to version 4. There are available Vicidial Perl scripts that can do that in /usr/src/goautodial/astguiclient when you install using the v4 ISO installer.

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