GoAdmin Suddenly Became Slow

Added by Vinz Ponz 9 months ago


This just happened last day. There was no problem, then suddenly the GoAdmin login took 3 minutes before I logged in. The Agent login page doesn't have this problem or even the Vicidial page. What I did was to restart the httpd service with "systemctl reload httpd" or "systemctl restart httpd" then it logs in. When I go to other pages on the GoAdmin interface it's the same so I restart or reload the httpd service for the page to load. I haven't changed anything on the configuration, it suddenly happened. I tried to use the Agent login, but there was no problem. Same with the Vicidial administration page, there was no problem. The server is up for almost a year now, and the server resources is not very heavy. I appreciate all the help. Thank you!

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RE: GoAdmin Suddenly Became Slow - Added by Jackie Alfonso 8 months ago


May we know if you see any logs on the httpd during the issue? if yes can you please provide it so we can look into it.

Thank you!

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