Agent level 4 bug?

Added by Andrea Manca over 3 years ago

hi all,

i'm loving this suite!!! I have to ask one question about agent level, when i set the level on 4 the agent disappears from the list, but it's active and i can login in the agent web interface, and trought db query i can see the record.

someone have idea why do this?

i hope my company trust this suite and i put it in production!!!

thanks in advantages for all reply

reply me soon.

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RE: Agent level 4 bug? - Added by Tristan Kendrick Biscocho over 3 years ago

If you are referring to the level on the Users Page, level 4 are for remote agents. Remote agents are not visible on the GoAdmin User Interface. If you wish to bring back a level 4 user to level 1, you would have to do it on the vici side of the system.

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