Vmware and goautodial

Added by william thijs almost 4 years ago

It seemd that when you load goautodial on esxi with the vmware nic card after installation
centos or goautodial doesn't seem to recognize the or install any nic card.

When you reload it with a fresh installation you have to use the E1000 supported card in order for
goautdial to work with the network.

After installation you also have to dive into the phpmyadmin to change the server ip address cause the
update_server_ip command doesn't update the server database at all.

What works best for goautodial to work correctly.

All sorts of little issues after installation.

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RE: Vmware and goautodial - Added by Erwin De Luna almost 4 years ago

Hi William,

You must try to update first the linux CentOS system to get updated kernel to support your server NIC drivers. Alternatively you may try to install it using the following scratch install instruction available on this page:

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