Sound Issues

Added by Bubba Sparks 4 months ago

I am installing a new system, I used and updated accordingly. Re-did the installation a few times and WebRTC will not work, it just hangs on "Logging into phone..." and never connects. I disabled WebRTC and used zoiper to connect via SIP and when I login, it rings to zoiper, but when I answer, the normal "You are the only one connected to this extension" does not play, and using asterisk -r it says "File confbridge-join does not exist in any format". I have firewalls shutoff, and ports forwarded. Any ideas how to diagnose this? Like I said, I have repeated this install process a few times with the same result, zero error during the install.

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RE: Sound Issues - Added by Levy Ryan Nolasco 4 months ago


Can you post your asterisk CLI log while attempting login.

RE: Sound Issues - Added by Enzo Zazzaro 3 months ago

this is on error for missing file in /var/lib/asterisk/sound
if you create this file in audacity in format ulaw not view error.

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