No sound for call waiting

Added by Adam A 9 months ago


I succeeded to install Go Autodial v4 following from scratch instructions and started to use it with for outbound campaigns. It is working well but I have the consistent issue for call waiting in step 06 for the classic workflow describes below:
01. Go Autodial robot calling 2 different users A and B
02. Agent picking up call with user A (OK)
03. User B receiving call and picking up. (So User B awaiting start of conversation) (OK)
04. Agent ending call with User A after some time (OK)
05. At call hang up agent put a feedback for call via call status feature (OK)
06. After submitting feedback agent is connected with call waiting User B (NOT OK: Agent cannot hear User B voice and User B cannot hear agent voice)

Could you please help to fix this issue?

Best regards,

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RE: No sound for call waiting - Added by maxime seb 9 months ago

It's really interesting, I'm also facing the same bug... I tried to debug on the asterisk/kamailio/rtpengine side but I didn't find anything abnormal...
Of course no firewall !

RE: No sound for call waiting - Added by Carlos Quevedo 9 months ago

I just investigated and the problem occurs when a music on hold resource is used, and then a konference is entered, the audio from the other end is lost. I have installed dadhi + meetme to replace it with the konference and I no longer have audio problems.

RE: No sound for call waiting - Added by Alfred Vilsmeier 4 months ago

Could you please post how do you replace Konference with MeetMe in Dialplan?

RE: No sound for call waiting - Added by Levy Ryan Nolasco 4 months ago

Try the following:

1. Install dahdi
2. Disable app Konference
3. Enable Meetme app
4. Reboot your server.

MeetMe dial plan can be found at extensions.conf while Konference is at extensions-goautodial.conf

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