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Added by Vinay Saini almost 2 years ago


I have installed Goautodial on the local server which is configured with the PRI line. I have tested inbound and outbound campaign, both are working properly. Now my requirement is to setup a Miss Call Campaign, where if a person dial on any inbound number the call should be disconnected and our system should consider it as a miss call. In that case, the caller Id should be saved to some list as a new lead. So same list can be assigned to any outbound campaigns and agents can callback to those lead.

Is there any way I can achieve this scenario. Please help.


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RE: Miss Call Campaign - Added by Levy Ryan Nolasco almost 2 years ago


What i do know is that it is illegal on some country/regions so we might not able to help you.

RE: Miss Call Campaign - Added by striker 247 almost 2 years ago

you can do this using the vicidial non-agent api ie: add_lead

eg: http://server/vicidial/non_agent_api.php?source=test&user=6666&pass=1234&function=add_lead&phone_number=7275551212&phone_code=1&list_id=999

you need to write a dialplan in asterisk to receive the inbound calls
Capture the Callerid ie ${CALLERID}
then either use agi or curl method to run the above api ,so the lead will be added in list 999


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