wrong password issue

Added by telese termale almost 2 years ago


i've just installed the latest version of the Go Autodial v3.3 64bit.

I setup carrier with justgovoip and set up champaign

[Jun 28 07:24:20] NOTICE [4030]: chan_sip.c:xxxxx handle_request_register: Registration from '"xxxx" <sip:xxxx@***.***.***.***:5060> failed for '' [our server address] - Wrong password

And i can register any softphone i've used. Normally with vicidial this step tkes only some time to be completed. But as far as i've tried nothing chnge, i also set up various times new password for the phone but unsuccessfull


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RE: wrong password issue - Added by Jefferson Varias almost 2 years ago


The logs show that you are using wrong password, you can try to double check the phone registration password by going to Phones menu then double check the registration password.

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