UserGroup and Carrier Issues

Added by Leopoldo Martinez 8 months ago

Hi Every one, i need hel with this, I have a large goautodia system v4 runing (120 agent), i need to create admin, sup and agent for 3 campain, 40 agent each.
i need this (and i have a week working in it) 3 group of admin, 3 group of sup and 3 group of agents. GroupAdminA, GroupAdminB, GroupAdminC, SUpA, SUpB, SupC, AgentsA, AgentsB, AgentsC, when AdminA should se only the "A" Groups, AdminB the "B" groups and AdminC the "C" group. but im triying to do this and is imposible. any clue?

By other hand i have carriers, i need group A and B calling from my carrier 1, and group C from my carrier 2, but when i put my carrier 2, my system ignre it and keep calling from carrier 1.

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RE: UserGroup and Carrier Issues - Added by Levy Ryan Nolasco 7 months ago


Did you check if they have different dial prefix. You can create dial prefix for A, B and C alone.

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