Inbound IVR

Added by Terah Kaggwa 12 months ago

Am trying to setup IVR for Inbound campaign. Anyone point me to step by step instructions? Am using:
- goautodial CE 3.3
- CentOS release 5.11 (Final) 64bit
- Asterisk

Call flow will be:
- user calls support line
- system answers user with IVR with choices
- IVR helps guide them to support group



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RE: Inbound IVR - Added by Jefferson Varias 8 months ago

You can try the following steps:

1) Create an IVR or CALL MENU
2) Upload an audio file and configure it on your IVR
3) Create an ingroup and configure it as options (DTMF) on your IVR
4) Enable the ingroups on your agents and campaign.

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