Lack of Installation Support (0 stars)

Added by Alicia Guishard over 2 years ago

If you are considering this product... DON'T. I have been trying to get help with installation for 3 months. If you follow the instructions provided, you will fail. No one actually provides answers. The only time anyone responds is to indicate that you have posted incorrectly or to offer $160 per hour paid support (Take a look around and see for yourself). This product sucks and so does the support! It's a complete waste of time an effort. I applaud anyone who has gotten this to work without costly support fees...

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RE: Lack of Installation Support (0 stars) - Added by Demian Biscocho over 2 years ago

With the ISO, you are on you own. This is an open source project. You're free to use it or not. The community helps in their own time.

If you need the professionals to do it, then you pay for their time. It's like hiring a seasoned lawyer and asking them to work on your case pro-bono or paying them a lot less than what they are due.

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