Goautodial slow web administration

Added by Aero des 6 months ago

Hi everyone,
I'm newbie working with Goautodial and Vicidial, go easy on me :).
Running Goautodial 3.3-1406088000 (last version) over AWS 4GB Ram + 30GB disk + Medium server.

When I login into "https://serverip/login" its takes too much time to view dashboard or Admin, whereas "http://serverip/vicidial/admin.php" is working fine.

I found this report:
It says "Goautodial carries some external links of things , if your internet is slow will be normal loads take it".

After enable internet access to server, now works great.
Is there a way to solve it? Don't want let the server expose to internet.


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RE: Goautodial slow web administration - Added by Demian Lizandro Biscocho 5 months ago

We highly recommend using GOautodial version 4. Version 3.X is more than 7 years old and is no longer supported.

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