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Hosted HowTo Load Credits

1. Login to your Admin portal using your account credentials and click the remaining balance on your Dashboard. Admin credentials will be emailed upon signing up. This also serves as your username and password when loading credits.

2. You will be directed to a new link where you need to login your username and password.

3. Click on the "Make Payment" and input the desired amount. Once done click on "Proceed with Payment". Please note the minimum amount that can be loaded is $50.

4. Login to your paypal account and after reviewing your order click "Pay Now" button to proceed.

5. To complete the process, you need to click "Return to Goautodial Inc" and you will be provided with transaction ID for the following payment from paypal and receive a confirmation message sent to your email.

6. It's important to click "Return to Goautodial Inc" to complete the payment process (so your payment gets posted to your account automatically).

7. Finish the process by clicking "click here".

Note: The browser might not refresh and when that happens your payment will not reflect instantaneously on the account. So please make sure to manually click the "Click here" link to avoid problems.

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