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all the phone numbers, the compound which has not been established given the status of "NA" (to fall in general all unidentified compounds including because the channel is not available, the number is not found, did not respond to the subscriber side etc).

I need to phone numbers to which we could not get through because of the fact that they are not near the phone received a separate status.

Im use Asterisk

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NA Defined as below:

NA - No Answer AutoDial - Any outbound call that does not receive an Answer signal(or other signal) from the carrier. This can include ring-no-answer, disconnected, carrier congestion and other errors.

You may also try the following if you've noticed that almost your calls are disposed as NA:

1. Get two or more phone numbers that's disposed as NA and try to call it using manual dial to know the real disposition that phone number/s.
2. Try to adjust the dial time out to higher seconds.

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RE: status NA I need fork - Added by Dima garbovsky about 1 year ago

sorry my english

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