Howto Add Users

Add Users

1. Login to the Admin Dashboard Page and click USERS on the left menu panel.

2. Click the Add new user on the right side of the page.

3. Click the Next button and choose the number of agents you want from the drop down menu.

4. On step 3, you can now change the default name to your agent's pseudo name then click yes.

5. A small pop up window will show that your user creation is successful.

6. Tips:

• ALWAYS check the agents credentials on the admin portal
• You Must use only one softphone to register your account.
• Never borrow your colleague’s credentials – It won’t work!
• Colleague who has multiple computers (Desktop, Laptop and/or mobile apps)
must to unregister all devices before registering to the primary machine.
• Softphone username only consist of numbers. (i.e.: 2012343)