HowTo Create Campaign

1. Login to your Admin portal using your account credentials. Navigate to side menu and select Telephony then Campaigns.

2. Select the desired campaign you want to create. You can choose from Outbound, Inbound, Blended, Survey and you can also copy your existing campaign.

3. Upload your lead file and select the correct fields and click "OK TO PROCESS" button once done. Please note that your lead file format should be CSV (comma delimited).

4. You will be noted "Lead File Successfully Loaded" if you properly uploaded your leads, click on "Next" button to proceed on step 3.

5. Basic campaign information will be shown. You can modify your campaign or click Finish as desired.

Agent Login Procedure Using New UI

1. In the Admin Dashboard you will see the agent and soft-phone credentials Click Agent Login URL: https://justgocloud.com/go_ce/agent to login as agent

2. Input the Agent Credentials (e.g User: 951779_001 / Password: dsfsfXxh)

Here's the designated agent portal login

Upon clicking LOGIN Button, press Answer Button on your softphone to hear the voiceprompt. "You are the only person in this conference"
Note: You must input the correct credentials for the campaign name to show up. Click "Refresh Campaign List" to double check.

3. Click Resume Button to start receiving calls using the following Dial Method. (Predictive dialing or Auto Dial)

To do Manual Dial Method click the *Manual Dial Button

Dial Code
  • For US48 and Canada Route, use 1 Dial Code.
  • For UK, use 44 Dial code
  • For AUS, use 61 Dial Code
    Then input the Phone Number and Click Dial Now

The call was successfully connected

4. Click Hangup Button on the agent portal to dispose the call and select a Call Disposition.

Properly log-out using the LOGOUT Button on the upper right corner before closing the browser. Force closing the browser might cause interruption on the system.

If you need further assistance and technical support, Please login to your *admin account and choose 'Support' on the left menu. Create a new ticket and we will look into it as soon as possible (ASAP). If it's urgent, choose Live Chat. Technical support is available 24/5 Mondays thru Fridays.*