• GOautodial CE ISO Installer (Open Source Call Center Suite - web based predictive dialer + inbound IVR & ACD)

    GOautodial is an open source web based call center system based on CentOS. It automatically installs the GOautodial applications (GOadmin, GOreports and GOagent), Vicidial, Mysql, PHP, Asterisk, Limesurvey and other open source software to have a fully functional call center system. An open source predictive dialer and inbound IVR + ACD system that rocks....

  • GOautodial Open Source Omni-channel Contact Center Suite (predictive dialer + inbound IVR & ACD + non-voice)

    The GOautodial CE Application (also called "GOautodial app")is the next generation open source multi/omni-channel web based contact center application. Unifiying the former GOautodial individual applications (GOadmin, GOreports and GOagent) and integrating them with other open source applications to create a user-friendly and intuitive contact center web app. By using modern standards and technologies, the "GOautodial app" is your easy to use and manage multi/omni-channel contact center web app....

    • GOautodial APIs (goAPI)

      The GOautodial APIs allow you to perform operations and actions within GOautodial from external applications. This allows GOautodial to integrate seamlessly with third party software and custom code.

      Access to the APIs are via HTTPS and authentication is done via username and password....

Also available in: Atom

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