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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7673 Bug Resolved Normal newgocev4 (Users/Edit Phone Login) Jackie Alfonso 10/15/2019 09:38 PM
7670 Bug New High outbound auto call sound and hangup sound alert to agent Demian Lizandro Biscocho 10/12/2019 06:54 AM
7666 Feature In Progress Normal Enable WebRTC and/or SIP phones Chris Lomuntad 10/07/2019 01:39 PM
7662 Feature In Progress Normal Enable custom caller ID & AC-CID Thom Bernarth Patacsil 10/17/2019 08:53 AM
7655 Bug New Normal Cannot delete webform on List ID Alexander Jim Abenoja 09/30/2019 12:34 PM
7633 Bug Feedback Normal newgocev4 (character limit on comment section too low) Tristan Kendrick Biscocho 09/11/2019 09:41 AM
7626 Bug New High Newgocev4 (Lead mapping does not finish loading leads) Alexander Jim Abenoja 08/26/2019 08:50 PM
7617 Bug In Progress Immediate newgocev4 (Agent Performance Detail) Alexander Jim Abenoja 09/20/2019 01:35 PM
7564 Bug In Progress Normal Newgoce (custom fields appearing on new list ID) Alexander Jim Abenoja 09/10/2019 01:35 PM
7528 Bug New High Copy Campaign Alexander Jim Abenoja 07/01/2019 05:23 PM
7502 Bug In Progress High newgocev4 (Inbound Dashboard and Realtime Call Monitoring) Chris Lomuntad 09/11/2019 02:20 PM
7432 Bug New Normal Reports and calls records Demian Lizandro Biscocho 05/15/2019 06:08 AM
7410 Bug In Progress High newgocev4 (Usergroup Settings and Permission) Chris Lomuntad 09/04/2019 01:46 PM
7062 Bug In Progress Normal goapiv2 - Reports and Analytics Alexander Jim Abenoja 11/05/2018 01:03 PM
6912 Bug In Progress Normal goapiv2 bug issue (survey campaign page) John Ezra Gois 04/02/2019 02:36 AM
6810 Feature Feedback Normal Reports & GO Analytics Jackie Alfonso 09/11/2019 06:29 AM

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