HowTo Monitor or Barge on GoAutoDialCE 3.0

Step 1: Register Extension / Admin Phone

1. You can use any extension number from the list of extensions on your Phones menu under the Admin Settings

NOTE: Make sure that no other agent uses the extension number that you will use for Monitoring/Barging

NOTE: We used extension 8001 on this guide

2. Please visit links below for more guides on how to register an extension on your softphone

For Zoiper softphone Zoiper-sofphone-Configuration
For Xlite5 softphone Xlite5-Softphone-Installation-and-Configuration

Once you are done registering your extension, proceed to Step 2

Step 2: Agent Monitoring

1. On your Admin Dashboard click Total Agents Online to view the Agent monitoring overlay

2. On the Agent Monitoring overlay, click the Agent Name that you want to BARGE or LISTEN

3. After clicking the agent id, BLIND MONITORING overlay will show, you can choose from 2 options for monitoring agent, BARGE or LISTEN, then set the Admin Phone or the Extension you used (8001), then click SUBMIT

BARGE - This means three-way, (the agent and customer will be able hear your voice)
LISTEN - This means Listen to the agent calls.

4. Once you clicked the SUBMIT button your softphone should ring and will give you a pop up message to answer, click the ANSWER button
Please see illustrations below

For Zoiper softphones

For Xlite5 softphones